The Expanding Mind Intelligence


Focusing on being super enough to revolutionize our mental abilities. The need to have peripheral mind intelligence working alongside our brains to increase focused attention, memory, logical rigor, computing, and learning new skills is inevitable shortly. 

This is because the world keeps moving so fast to the extent that we not only can't avoid expanding the mind's intelligence, but also cope.

Mind intelligence

Just imagine extended mind intelligence expanding to increase its capacity to learn and do the most difficult tasks easily and complete them quickly. We would say human minds are expanding with artificial intelligence or maybe are expanding to meet the needs of time and civilization advancement.

  • Ray Kurzweil the bold futuristic, also author of  'The Singularity Is Near' and 'The Age of Spiritual Machines' in his book 'How to Create the Mind' explores the human brain to create super-intelligent machines in his theory of neocortex (the higher part of the brain which deals with thinking) works: as a self-organizing hierarchical system of pattern recognizers.

Kurzweil shows how these insights will enable us to greatly extend the powers of our mind and provides a guideline for the creation of super-intelligence. We are now at the dawn of an era of revolutionary chances in which merging with our technology will enable us to practically address the world’s great challenges.

The dawn of a new form of human civilization comes with the expanding mind which is the work of artificial intelligence(AI). Our world is changing rapidly in terms of technology where machine learning and human-machine interaction is an inevitable thing. The AI tools will expand our mind's cognition to amplify it using data and the environment.

  • In 'The Singularity Is Near'Kurzweil argues that technological singularity soon will be a reality in the next few decades, which he defines as a “period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed.” 

The artificial expansion of the mind will think faster, make fast and improved decisions, and memorize and handle and transfer a lot of information at the same time due to the aid provided by artificial intelligence. 

  • Prediction machines as an aid to human intelligence will revolutionize the decision-making process and bring economic clarity. This will help the minds of executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. Agrawal. A et al (2022). AI prediction tools will improve decision-making, and increase productivity in operating machines, handling documents, and communicating with customers. The prediction tools will help to deal with and get through uncertainties in the future with ease and more precision.

Therefore, human intelligence and imagination are expanding into capturing human minds and bringing them into novel reality. It's the fictional reality which appears in most of the movies and video games.

The humanoid robots are part of an artificial peripheral expansion of the intelligence of the human mind. It's the work of the human mind that expands the manifestation of the human brain's capacity into a form of artificial means of existence.

Since AI learns from humans and emulates humans, it generates data that enables humans to simplify their understanding and improve it as well as shape it for good. In that sense, AI has a great effect on the lives of many people as its impact is expanding to influence people's lives. 

The expanding human intelligence comes with ideas of reshaping and self-regulating and automatic execution of natural mind instincts. The mind's instincts of learning, understanding, solving, and relearning as well as memorizing are supporting the ideas of an expansionary intelligence.

Learning to communicate and use AI tools will allow our minds to develop new skills that will shape human civilization. We can accomplish something greater with the aid of machine intelligence. We can explore and learn about space, dark matter, and dark energy and solve the most difficult mystery of the universe and advance our civilization.

AI expands the human mind into being intelligent enough to revolutionize ways of observing, interpreting, and analyzing problems better. The positive changes in human life come with reducing harm in real-world AI applications.

It's the dawn of a new civilization. In other words, it's the advent of machine civilization. Machine learning and the human mind together are in one bubble of expanding intelligence which influences the rapid rise of deep AI learning which ushers in change in human civilization.

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