A Pass on Life with a Warming Imagination


In a walk of life, An Eagle is imaginatively called to be there. To a place where many wonder how it feels to be there forever.

Doing well here, looking forward to doing better somewhere else. It is a pass on life when doing to see something materialize in every wish against the waves of life. It is a human imagination with a cool run. From human experience to a reasonable reality of worries and determination. A stalking wolf behind the Eagle. Its feet would not carry it forevermore. A turning neck wouldn't make a scare off the hound, but wings and lightning in the Eagle's eyes could do.

It will be back when it walks into that place. The place where there is no rain.In a place where there is no moving air. Life needs to pass on to a place of the toughest. The place where the air has no other feelings than sorrow. The Eagle wouldn't see anything even when it was clear. Better it's bitter now. Don't overthink about or worry about it. Taking sweat first and secondly sweet with courage is what the Eagle ought to do. Eating the bread of the only value it can pay for.

Going for eternity. The downpouring in there doesn't storm forever, because there is no change in there. Everything remains still there. However, everything seems the same there, there is no game to play there. There is no mighty tree for nesting and an air wing ride in there. Only a satisfied soul wouldn't ask to know what is going wrong. Stages of life put the Eagle through this path. Strength and weakness, forever in the love of no challenges and competition. The Eagle feels happy and strengthened in realms of bettering and self-sufficiency.

There is no dreaming but the future. A walk in life is not there. In a walk of life, there's no walking on life. It is a walk between happiness and peace with a problem. A walk on life takes the wings to where it's hard to learn and answer. A walk of life takes the Eagle to where a lesson answers and a wish belongs. It is a walk through life. Would like to meet the truth finally. A chilling feeling in salt-soaked feathers for wounded time. The true meaning of a lived life after losing those warm days of soaring high against the waves.

In there it's not a prison that It will worry, toil, and feel pain for the value of nothingness. It is a walk of life with a pass on. Free again, don't take the pain anymore. Once the Eagle was out of context of existence in reality. Then, It emerged as a character in this scene of life. Never make any sign or trace to remind yourself of its life. This is hidden forever in a tree planted by the riverside. The river of which its water flows with youth and life.

Passing on to where many wonder how it feels to be back when the time for the sun, moon, and stars is over. The Eagle will be back when it is gone. Back to live with you for the sake of love again. The love that was once left in the stars for life. The love that was left in lands of thorns. It is that love in those mighty wings that embraced you with warmth on the cold days. It is love that changed the shape of the moon. The love that cooked up the air in the wings of imagination for the rain. It is that love again will bring the season.

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