Nature of Scarcity in Abundance of life


A day comes by to take which is of its own. Destroying and enriching life with environmental scarcity and abundance. Worrying about the nature of time and its power against resources. The origin of modern scarcity is related to our modern time social-economic dependence upon nature.

Nature of scarcity in abundance
In nothingness, there is saliva dripping down to either abundance or scarcity. Thinking of abundance and doing nothing is walking down the road to scarcity. A walk in the wilderness without a clear goal is like beating around the bush.

The way we perceive scarcity affects the way we handle abundance. This is the psychology of scarcity. A sense of having a deficiency in needs is confused with what we want on daily basis. Decisions we make result in a level of having less focus on what is of more importance in our lives at a moment of scarcity. We gamble a lot, spend more and save less, we borrow more as well. That is the natural way our minds and the decisions we make are related to handling a sense of scarcity and abundance.

Nature provides us with everything we require for life. What a gift to be able to live in a moment of scarcity and abundance. Our choices in life are in between scarcity and abundance depending on what nature has to offer to live at the moment. We may think we have less because we want more without considering what we need urgently.

We don't need everything but what kind of resources does life have to offer us from time to time? We need to find ourselves all the time. Having scarcity of something gives a reason for interdependence among possibilities of abundance. Who has a lot more knows so because someone in the neighborhood has less. A person with less finds the possibility of escaping vulnerability. The one with a lot finds a way out of their comfort zone.

You need just a few cups of saltwater from the ocean to make salt for your tasty meal each day. Beyond that, it is of no use and self-overindulgence in an urge for more. A cup of tea needs a few spoons of sugar. You need more cups to make more tea. You need more spoons to feed every cup with sugar.

An empty bucket when kicked sounds even louder with a lamenting response. Put value in it with more stuff, then no one will dare to kick a heavy-hardened bucket that never laments back in response. In the bucket, as it's in a cup of abundance, there's a lot of life. Thinking of scarcity there are germs for abundant illnesses. The illnesses that keep the empty bucket lamenting in responses. The lamenting bucket touches the hearts of many in scarcity and not in abundance.

It's not easy to find a world of scarcity on Earth but greed. It is easy walking with nothing expecting not to hear the phrase 'please give'.Changing the world is changing ourselves. Healing is giving back what we took from nature. That is making resources in abundance. Giving back is a natural service to life. It is a bank account that never stops flowing with a bunch of unbelievable returns of benefits.

It's hard to find no abundance in a desert. The abundance of valuable sand and the toughest life species. Also, it's hard to find no abundance in the southern and northern hemispheres. The abundance of valuable ice and life species. It's even harder to find no abundance on the moon. The abundance of rocks and mysterious nature. Moreover, it's the hardest choice you may make of not seeing the abundance under each sun of the day.

There you are to the rescue away from the sleeping thunder of the clouds. Your hand is too small to make a reach on it, to wake it up. It's brighter inside full of abundance when there's scarcity outside. It's also darker inside when there's the light of scarcity outside. That is a sign of abundance and sufficiency around the horizon.

It's all gone when you wake up without those clouds in your sight. Gone but left a gift with you. You face the other day within the realms of possibilities. A taste of abundance and scarcity in one cup. In a land of fresh rainwater, you need some salt and sugar for the last inch of your tongue.

Spread it in small portions. Make everyone share the taste of abundance. Spreading it in larger portions makes everything scarce. Keep right in the vicinity of change with effort and determination to welcome the rain. Walk miles away from what makes you stumble and fall into the trap of abundance and scarcity.

Walking a million times in your mind to where your feet wouldn't take you. Winged ideas can give your mind ferocious speed. Then, you can drink your cup with the wisdom of your hands and mouth. Knowing that the master is time and nature. It doesn't matter where you are at. A tamed nature is a result of the humbleness of both hands and the mind in making that cup of tea and that plate of food.

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