Life in Love I Like


Care for life with feelings that mean a lot. The life of feelings that signify a better today. I admire the life that demands me to do a lot for the future. It is the vision of love in what I like. I am humbled by an idea that is critical of me. That is the love I love over the love I hate.

Life burning in love
The fire of love burns in life. You share life in the fruit of love with peace, passion, and imagination when in love.

Destroyed and challenged by love. I had a love for what does harm, I couldn't make a sound about it. I know it and I feel it, but I can't explain it. I wonder what is the meaning of love. My life burns in love. I embrace an ember of love, that shines brilliantly and fades in the shadow of life.

Nature of Love

The sky says, "I am doing fine". The moving air says, "I am in trouble". I do see a  change in the sky when the air moves. The love I love changes too. It is all about the love I like to love with the life I got to live. I wish it remains forever this way, but the moving air changes the sky.

It is imagination in nature of love that exists between moving air and the sky. It is unconditional love. Love is the bondage of freedom or slavery sometimes. Freedom is the love you love, while slavery is love you dislike or hate and you tend to like it secretly.

  • Love is a way of peace.
  • Love is powerful in the sense that you can't hide it when it hits you.
  • Love gives you a free pass to the secret of the loving heart.
  • True love is not loving but showing what you like or dislike in that love. Then, let love rule over hate.
  • Letting go of the love you hate or something you dislike about love you love is true freedom of love.
  • Consciousness is the mind in the affairs of the heart.

The Power of Love

 "A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." – Elbert Hubbard

It's a life that gives a different landscape of love. It is love that changes everything. Not only do you hate that love but also you like that love. It is even wonderful many people seem to care about this love and not life. The same people in the same boat sailing with you on an ocean of greed and lust. They like and enjoy it when I am on board with an unbearable appetite.

"Maybe you don't need the whole world to love you, you know. Maybe you just need one person." – The Muppets

It is hard to escape when I want to. Because the company of love I detest is too powerful to overcome. It is love with the attraction I find hard to resist. My soul wants freedom but the lust pulls me back. It is the love I hate. It is the only thing I blame and not myself and my decisions. I know the truth, but the pills of truth are very bitter to swallow. Until I hate the love I dislike I will be truly free.

I know it isn't ok with me and my heart, but lust and greed draw me to my knees. I can't take a step because my life is swallowed by pride. I enjoy being immersed in the ocean of toxicity. The love I love to dislike makes me a victim of self-destruction.  In the feeling of love, life takes control of everything. Toxicity over wellbeing.

Weakness of Love

"I think the perfection of love is that it’s not perfect."-Taylor Swift

The love I hate has no meaning, but the love I love calls me to true freedom and life. There is no prison, but my own body. My own body is the door to the worst slavery. An imprisoned life in love. I love the love I hate until I hate the love I love.

Consciousness is the key to the door to love and freedom in life. I believe in what is being said most of the time. I like sweetness over bitterness. I do not want to taste bitterness, because I rarely hear that it's bitter and good for life.

When simple answers rule the world, difficult answers change life and the world. I don't want to see my desire in the burning fire. 

I like to soak my habit in the sleeping fire because the secret colors in that fire destroy it when touched. Imagining watching my life burning in love, until when I stretch my hand to verify it. Love decides, the mind knows it's love that I like.

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