A Chance in Nature with Life


We are gifted in every way with everything in our nature. We are nature and life in every way. Life is a chance in nature. It is the chance to do everything in every way. It is everyone's way in the way of nature with a chance. You are gifted naturally. You know it's you with your natural ability and a natural way of perceiving, doing, and succeeding.

Enjoy reading!!!

More gifted than a morning,

A chance in the shadow of light,

A chance in nature equals life
A chance in nature equals life.

Miracle is life with a talent,

A chance dawn with the sun.

Every wish is wonderful,

Pleasure and the time,

The gift of nature with plentiful,

Nature commands at random.

It's the chance with a year,

Nature says it all,

When the future is unclear,

Rising again when I fall,

The chance that comes in time,

Back and forth,

The nature that brings life,

I do have faith.

The faith in the way of nature,

The faith that brings the day,

The faith in life with nature,

The faith with miracles.

Ruled by chance,

It's life in whatever way,

It's up to you to balance,

Since you have your way.

Like the tree in the desert,

Its life is a miracle,

A tree a leaf and a root,

In the way of nature is a cycle.

A chance means life,

That's how it works,

In nature we thrive,

It's a cycle of waves.

You dream of anything,

Nature unveils everything,

Your way is a way,

Hardly noticing the only way.

From the bag sleeping,

On a slippery day,

To life smiling,

There are waves of chances.

In the tides of gifts,

A chance is everything,

If only is your ability,

Nature shows you the way.



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