The Walking Mind in the Living Body


Too many worries in this life. We worry about our bodies. We wake up to feed and wash our bodies. We worry about our heart desires in the walking and working living bodies. The mind as the soul moves the body with knowledge and consciousness.

The walking feet

The Walking Mind thinks in patterns with the system that shelters it. The nature of its kind with programs that make it develop through processes of senses, feelings, and experiences.

Thinking in patterns with the mind out of the body is not only a dream but a true illusion. The body as the system that affects the mind is the society that shapes our thinking and affects our lives.

The illusion of the living body as the struggling society and the changing time. Our minds think within the nature of our social systems.

The systems that program our ways of life and order of life. To deny your mind from thinking is denying your existence out of imagination and creativity.

Ignoring the pain of the living body is walking in imagination with a formless and senseless numbness of life. Moving back to our numbness with our minds is a way to feel with nature as to what we're to who we are.

Saving yourself from the feelings is doing against your body, so that you can exist out of your body with your mind open. The body can't tell you who you're but, the volatile nature of the mind.

Letting the mind walk the body reduces the suffering of the body. The heart becomes sweet and healthy as fresh air to the lungs, and strength to the waking muscles.

The Walking Mind walks the blood to flow smoothly giving freedom to the body. Activating memory, reducing worries keeping the mind floating in creative imagination.

Giving the mind a fair dose of mindful meditation is waking up the muscles and nerves by walking the body in fresh air and quietness.

See the hope and go through it with your mind out of your body with patterns of imagination. Getting to the future is imagining and imagining the natural realization of the self. The mind is the living body in every way with natural senses of life and experience.

The heart is your desire, the mind is the window through freedom. The body is deceitful and painful. What you hear and feel is not real but the passage of a turbulent time.

There is nothing wrong or right. The good of anything is a memory that desires the mind out of the body in the sunset. Liking the body as if the mind needs it. The nature of the self is lost in the cosmic prison.

It's tough to resist your body. But it's of life to resist your desire. Imagine with your mind in the heart of your eyes and ears. Tired of being cold and hot, tired of being there, but feeling better here within my mind in imagination.  

Going to nap with mixed feelings and realities. Locking the self in dreams that soothe my mind. There is nothing to worry about, but my body when I wake up to feed it and wash it, or maybe a nightmare in the middle of my sleep.


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