The Cosmic Presence Around Us


Look around the physical world. What we can see is the representation of something tiny, unseen. The nature of reality is invisible and mysterious. The true nature and essence of things are invisible and visible.

Cosmic Presence

For many ages, human minds have been perplexed by the sense of cosmic presence. The ancient knowledge and modern world ideas about this matter contribute to cosmic consciousness.

Life is both a breathing sense and the energy of the highest light. The light shines with knowledge which is awesome to enlighten our minds with consciousness.

The invisible tiny entity is both a representation and a reflection as well as an integral part of the gigantic light of the reality of the known and the unknown.

The presence of the invisible nature of reality depends on quantum-cosmic consciousness.

  • The nature of reality can be structured molecularly and atomically. The atoms are tiny representations of the gigantic reality of the universe.
According to Democritus, the universe consists of atoms and space between them.
  • The nature of reality is fixed with relative and nonrelative motion.
  • Biological determination results from fundamental particles which create all mass and govern all relations. The natural creation of virtual particle pairs presents quantum freedom that opens the door to reality. Therefore, it's not only physics that govern the universe but also biology.
In the book: Does the Universe have a physical, biological, or psychological nature? they argue that living organisms are in a most inseparable connection with the cosmic vacuum. 
  • The unseen part of reality is the unseen part of the universe pulsing with energy and reality.
Max Planck, the developer of quantum theory, stated, "I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness."
  • The universe is a conscious living being full of creative life and activities in its visible and invisible nature.

There is a universe consciousness to represent a cosmic presence in everything we see. 

Consciousness occurred to be a characteristic of complex biological analysis during evolution. The mind as it is to the brain, the biological space, and the vacuum for consciousness. It is the state of mind to the higher self with the light of knowledge mirroring the essence of everything in oneness.

Beyond reasoning, so the state of mind, the sixth sense takes control of the five senses, or all the six senses control sanity which are bodily functions of the mind. The higher self-conscious mind takes a high place in the control of the psyche to align with the cosmic light of brilliance and transcendental consciousness.

Living beings are the energy and reality of an existing space in the universe. The nature of cosmic presence is everything that we can feel about ourselves and the energy around us. 

Ideas and perceptions towards the origin, time, and place of consciousness vary. Key questions come into mind, for instance, is consciousness finite to humans only, or it extends to other organisms too?

In living organisms, consciousness is a fundamental characteristic of life. Living organisms from the lower ones to the higher ones are conscious of their existence in their surrounding conditions.  So, they can respond to changes in various circumstances in different ways.

In his book 'Cosmic Consciousness'. A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind is a 1901 book by the psychiatrist Richard Maurice Bucke that defines Cosmic Consciousness' as "a higher form of consciousness than that possessed by the ordinary man".

Consciousness as an evolutionary adaptation is commonly considered to be a lesser-known effect without independent influence and is also imagined as largely putting together reality, rather than perceiving it.

The cosmic feelings include a sense of self, choice, consciousness, memory, thought, language, and internally generated images and geometric patterns.

The nature of reality is based on ontological aspects in rational and clear dynamic reality. Knowledge and its creation are part of an evolving reality.

The acquisition of knowledge does not simply reveal what is physically fixed and settled; it is part of the process that creates the reality that we know.

It's difficult to tell exactly what is consciousness for real, but our views of the reality of the universe and ourselves depend on consciousness. The influence of time and existence is of coevolution of the cosmic past and future. It's the miniature characteristics of something much larger. That is a microcosm as a closed timelike curve.

Cosmic consciousness is our existence. We exist in reality and illusion as biological and quantum parts of the universe.


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