The Human Image


I was dreaming of an image. The mind could walk with that image through the light and dark moments of my life without corrupting it.

Human image duality

The natural human image is of equal duality that is complementary. As it is good and bad in everyone, also there are strengths, and weaknesses in everything.

The knowledge was an image of light if I would believe my mind. Setting myself to do and achieve the best I could. Like the day blown away, I sometimes disappear in my imagination to come again the next day with a different light.

Seeing a human image as a mechanical being having qualities of spirituality, biochemical, imaginative information bearer being, trying to understand oneself better under the different spectrum of manifestations.

I know the best is yet to come out of the imagined ideas. The power of observation and thinking has to do with existence in a vacuum of knowledge mirroring the possibility of being an image.

Being there as a seed in the soil and here as a fruit in the tree is all I can try to imagine and comprehend the human image. The reason for being forged into the wheel that rolls onto the roads of destiny.

I could see the wheel rolling like a stone at a different time with heartbeat acceleration. I was imagining or maybe it was a dream. I dream of the changing nature of life when people spin in the image against the universe.

The same image lives within us today. The image of the universal nature of imagination. We can do whatever we can try, but the image is already lost in our human sense of selfishness and desires.

The future of humans is determined by and shaped by global moral, political, and economical crises. As the image of human perfection takes shape, it comes with problems. How can the human image be improved? Technology moves the human image to the future. Social forethought ability in decision-making initiatives pulls it back to normalcy.

The innovative ways of thinking and the study of possible, likely, and preferable images of human ideals that are compatible with our imaginations of a desirable future are essential.

Moreover, the image lives within the reach of human nature. The change we seek should align with the natural morality of living, behaving, and doing things.

Wilfrid Sellar, The US Philosopher describes two aspects of a human image. Sellars claims that the scientific image of a human is not capable to contain or figure out the manifest image but that both are justly reasonable ways of consciousness towards comprehending human beings.

  • Manifest Image.

A human being came to understand his nature and one's existence, therefore drawing one original image. A transition from pre-conceptual patterns of behavior to conceptual thinking was a holistic one, a transformative leap to a level of awareness that is minor and new, a step that placed the coming into being of humans.

The manifest image is a reflection of personhood and self-awareness, it is how I think of myself on a day-to-day basis.

  • Scientific Image.

A man came to understand his world better and live accordingly treating and perceiving nature as an object, therefore refining the original image.  A human image was shaped by a thinking mind by marking out one's thoughts by norms of correctness, applicability, of proof. 

What is right is righteous in the eyes of our images. The imaginative nature of morality walks with us. We know it's bad we don't need it but we glorify and want it to happen to us.

The demise of natural morality has to do with artificial human desires. The virtual is in needs and not its wants. The image burns in the fire of necessity without exhaustion. It is the deprivation for image restoration in the advent of transformations.

The natural course of action is a life-giving experience with the courage to improve the image in the future. Because the future has many artificial demanding tints which transform our nature and images as humans and animals into artificial beings.

However, gone too far with the image, spinning back into a cocoon. The current human image is a disturbing and ugly one. Unlimited artificial desires do overcoat, oversized cover, and sugarcoat make the image look ugly.

A desire of the eyes to see every kind of stain and pleasure is the desire of the tongue and the wick to light and taste the oil of each lamp. Developing unnatural tastes puts the image to the test of its demise.

The image through transformations has a lot of expensive experiences. It's the cost to see it on a sunny day and then later on cold winter days. The human being greatest test is to keep the image intact and natural forever. 


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